What is Jobs4Five?

8.7% of New York City’s citizens are unemployed, sitting well above the national average of 7.3%.  Only 57% of the city’s working-age population currently holds a job in any capacity despite a record high of jobs within the five boroughs.

There is a disconnect in the job market.  Rather, there are several.  Certainly there are skills gaps, and others argue that the jobs available don’t match up with the wages offered.  But we think there is a more prominent disconnect in New York City – that literal disconnect between those offering jobs and those seeking employment.  There are entire communities with limited access to the internet for a slew of reasons – limited service options, the effects of natural disasters, and poverty are just a few of these.

And yet, the internet is the primary channel now utilized for finding new job talent.  Walk in anywhere and try to fill out an application or drop off a resume and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be directed back to the internet.  “You’ll need to email your resume to this address,” or, “We don’t keep applications in the store anymore.  You can find out if we have any job openings by going to this website.”

And that’s great.  We made it, guys.  We have certainly crossed over the Digital Frontier.  But are we leaving folks behind?

At Jobs4Five, we seek to provide every New Yorker with access to jobs.

We are founded by New York City’s own Apploi, a tech company dedicated to improving the hiring process for everyone.  And by donating and installing interactive job-seeking kiosks in publicly accessible areas of New York City’s most hard-to-reach communities, Jobs4Five aims to widen the access to jobs throughout the city’s 300+ square miles.


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